Waiward Construction Managment Inc. is an Alberta based infrastructure company located in Edmonton and has been serving the construction industry since 1975. We pride ourselves in attracting and retaining, a highly motivated and competent staff, and in the ownership of equipment that is well maintained, current, and can be readily adapted to a variety of applications.

Waiward has moved from general earthworks into large site preparations, sewer and water installations, site reclamation, contaminated waste handling and hauling, and demolition.

As an industry leader, Waiward has always taken the approach of versatility in being one of the first companies able to complete the project throughout the various stages of construction - from bulk excavation and utility installation to the final grading stage. Where tight standards and procedures are closely adhered to in all activities, resulting in consistently high quality projects that are on time and on budget.

Our major clientele include the following:
Land Developers
Commercial Contractors
Private Sector Organizations
Utility Companies
Oil and Gas Companies
Industrial Companies

13015 - 163 St., Edmonton AB, T5V 1M5    T (780) 447-1308    F (780) 447-2145